Yes, there is a better way to send money

No more searching! This is exactly what you were looking for

Get tired of the old, costly and awkward methods of sending money?

Technology has allowed companies make life easier for their customers by offering key services online (e.g. banks, government offices, travel agencies, e-shops, etc.) and from now the same applies to the payment area. Until recently to transfer or receive money you had to find a post office or agency, may be located away from you, that provided that service, check on the hours of operation and  visit the branch only during those hours. Then had to wait patiently for your turn and finally pay with resignation an exaggerated commission. This obsolete, expensive and time wasting service may not even be available or suffer restrictions in the country where you are in! Now, an international prepaid debit card allows you to receive or send money anytime, anywhere in the world, at a very low cost .


The post office trip to send or receive money is history

Receive or send your payments through the web. The international prepaid debit card allows you to transfer money without leaving your house. It gives you the possibility to perform your transfers securely, whenever and wherever you wish at much lower fees than we are used to from traditional money transfer companies. In addition, both, you and the recipients can forget about rushing to the post office to send or receive money. Keep on enjoying your vacation or simply doing your job with no worries. No matter where you are in the world, within a few minutes your card will be loaded. If you require assistance a specialized and helpful team of supporters will be at your service, 24 hours a day, all year round or via email that will be replied promptly. 


Two leader companies back your transactions together

The most strict security regulations are at your service. Two worlwide leading companies, both with long experience in the field of credit and debit cards, offer the highest security level available for you to perform your transactions with tranquility and confidence.


Use your money the way it suits you best

The "cash only" days are gone. From now on, as a cardholder, you can pick one of the many options available for using your money. You can either pay for your purchases in stores, buy online or withdraw money from one of over 1.000.000 ATM's distributed in more than 200 countries.


The simplest way to send money and check on your transactions

Sign up in three steps and check your account online. You are just three simple steps away from entering a new era in the area of money transfer:

Sign up in three simple steps

          1. Click here to order your international prepaid debit card

Provide details.

          3.  Confirmation.

Check your account online

Now, as a cardholder, you will be able to follow your transactions online. You will be aware of the loadings, the purchases, the withdrawals and the balance - all displayed clearly and simply.